Charge of the Horned God

Hark unto me: for I am He who has existed throughout all time. I was there
from the beginning; it was my potency that charged the fertility of the Great
Mother and created life from her empty womb.

Myself it is in the winds that sweep the worlds; myself it is in the flames
that give warmth and light to all beings. I am he who provides: the Green Man of
field and forest fruitfulness; the lust of the bull that engenders life upon the
cow; the strength of the boar that engenders life upon the sacred sow of
Ceriddwen; the speed of the stag running free in the forest that no hunter can
bring down save he who speaks the sacred words to call unto the spirit of the
fleeing stag.

I am Lord of the Dance; he who swirls through the starry universe with the
world at his heels. I am he who dances on mountain and plain and hearth, and he
who captures all things in his dance.

And I am also Kernnun the Dark Hunter; he with visage as dark as void and
armour bright with flame. My name is Lord of the Hunt; my prey those souls who
needs must die and descend into the dark, chthonic depths of my bowel. For I
bring life but death also; I am he at the gateway of the worlds, and to me shalt
thou come in the end, thou who art my child and my prey.

(written November 1989)
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