Death. An ending before an utter trasformation, as a caterpillar in a coccoon on the verge of trasforming in to a butterfly. 

It is time to get rid of what is no longer useful. Only when you free up stagnant energy will new things come. It might not be an easy change but it is necessary for maturation and well-being

In a time of painful loss, find solace in knowing that you will look back at the time as a the beginning of a new life chapter. 

Must let go and trust in the Universe. 

Live and let live,

fairly take and fairly give.

Now, I have found a home:

a place my heart and soul truly loves;

and where my honesty will never be taken advantage of.

Blessed Be, My loves. 

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"You make me better than I've ever been and higher off the ground;

I'm sure, I'll make a few mistakes, but  wont let you down.

I've got this heart of steel for you, that's what you do.

You give me hands of stone and they can hold anything you're going through."


Day 28 of 33 in lockdown:

  • still mentally holding stong despite not having therapy for the past weeks
  • medications are sufficient to keep my brain sorted.
  • finalised sepatation terms with the other half
  • went to Tinder to pass the time;
  • but met few interesting people over there.
  • found one that's amazingly perfect for me and my life, which made me happier than ever; and for some reason, made me feel on the right track moving forward.
  • pandemic and lockdown's a bitch, but it helped me focus and realize what I must do and where I want to be in my life.
  • All in all, 2020 has been good to me so far
  • Sorry world. ^^'
  • and heres a photo of garlic bread for attention: 

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