I said and I hoped, like a prayer; and sent out my tears in a bottle of notes.

Find and drink up; it's uncommon and sweet.

Are you surprised?

Isi itmaking you mine?

Are you the rock, paper, scissors casting those faded paper figures on the wall?

As providence seems to annihilate; common sense - this is my down-to-earth defense.

Either I am right or I am wrong.
If it's in neither the words nor the song, it's in this soundless, audible common sense.

Be that as it may, this is my down-to-earth defense.

Brush it off again as trickery, slight of hand.
If you must but for all purposes and intents.

Then, you morph into the last living thing alive.
I've no periphery; 

You're all that's in front of me.

Posted by Iris-Champagne on August 24, 2020 at 02:12 PM | leave a mark
If I could change the currents of our lives
To make the river flow where it's run dry
To be a prodigal of father time
Then I would see you tonight
If I could find the years that went away
Destroying all the cruelty of fate
I must believe that love could find a way tonight
Lonely finds me
One day you will come
But I'll wait for love's sake
One day to me, love
If I could see beyond the here and now
If you could hear me calling you somehow
If I could know that love is reaching out
To find you with me tonight
Then hope could make these promises come true
Beyond what I could say, what love can do
With every moment leading me to you tonight
Posted by Iris-Champagne on July 21, 2020 at 07:38 AM | leave a mark
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