It has been about a year since I updated this blog, but I havent forggotten about it yet. Since its lockdown in New Zealand right now and I cant really do anything, I thought.. maybe, I can take a sab at letting you guys know that I'm still alive. 

Here's what's going on:

NZ has a total of 347 total active case in the last 10 days

Lockdown Season 5 commenced on 17 of July, 2021 11:59pm

Wage subsidy is in place, so Hooray for forced pay leave ^^'


Since lockdown as started, I have rediscovered te fondness I have to cooking and cooking for other people. Hubby sure is enjoying getting proper food twice a day with a bonus of baked goods made from the surplus we took home from work (as I and the other flatmates all work in hospitality)

So far I, in the span of 10 days I have made (mostly from scratch):

  • Banana Pudding Cake
  • Sushi / Bibimbap from leftovers,
  • Revided some Bao buns that has been in Cryogenic Freeze since New Year,
  • Apple Pie,
  • Thomas Jefferson Style Macaroni & Cheese,
  • Burgers
  •  Deep-fried Mac & Cheese Bites (from the leftover Macaroni and Cheese the other day)
  • Orange & Almond Cake
  • Burrito Bowls

..and tonight I'm scheduled to make Indian Butter Chicken and we still have so much suplus of oranges my flatmate brough home from her place of work, so I'm guessing... I'm going to make that in to Crispy Orange Chicken soon.

Anyways, thats all for now my lovelies, maybe next post I'll put up some recipies with photos. 

Till Next Time, Darlings~

OAA Cake

Posted by Iris-Champagne on August 27, 2021 at 11:00 AM | leave a mark
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